Respiratory Microbiome

the microbiome in health and disease

The factors underlying susceptibility to respiratory infection and progression to disease are still not well understood. We have limited knowledge on the complex interactions between the host and potential pathobionts, which regularly colonize the nasopharyngeal niche. The overarching goal of this project is to understand at a functional level how the microbiome of the airways is impacted by pathogens and how it contributes to health and disease. By integrating information from the host response to infection and the microbial ecology of the airways, including antibiotic resistance genes, we can identify a novel set of markers that could be used in modeling disease outcome and inform clinical decision-making.


  • To identify microbial signatures in the airways associated with disease progression
  • To gain insight into cross-kingdom interactions and their implication in disease
  • To probe the phage-bacteria ecology in the respiratory microbiome


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