Tung H. Nguyen

Position: NIH Cambridge MD/PhD Student

Education: BS/MS, Biology, Brown University
Med Student post-year 3, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Tung’s research focuses on using bioinformatic tools and AI models to predict targetable viral epitopes. This information will be used to design antibody variable regions targeting novel pathogens. 

His work with the Ghedin lab uses large genomic datasets to understand viral hypermutable sites in viruses such as SARS-CoV-2. With the Sormanni lab he will use generative AI architectures to design antibodies targeting putative conserved viral epitopes. Combining these genomic and protein science paradigms will allow for the creation of improved diagnostics and therapies for the next pandemic viral strains.

Career Goals: Tung will use his training to become a physician-entrepreneur. 

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